Jevgenijs Jarecs

I adore my profession and love what I do. My interest in the art of massage sprung in 2001, but even then, I could not imagine that this mere interest would become my full-time career in the future. The realisation that I was doing something right emerged when I heard the sincere gratitude from my first clients. I understood that this was my path in life and for me, this was extremely important.

The client's relaxation, not only physical but also psychological, is paramount. We wait for the moment when a person receives a lot of information and, unfortunately, it is not always positive; A very busy schedule, a lack of sleep or some unresolved problems can lead to unnecessary stress that affects your general health, and this could result in more serious consequences. If a client receives a massage treatment regularly, providing there are no contraindications, it is possible to avoid or prevent some health issues. Our body is a massive world with its own rules. We must love ourselves and massage is one way in which you are able to harmonise your body with your mind and soul.

As a specialist, it is very important to continuously learn and obtain new methods, techniques, and qualifications but it is also crucial to constantly repeat what one has previously learned. It is inadvisable to remain rooted in one place. The knowledge of different techniques allows an individual to work independently and to tailor a suitable massage treatment for each client separately during a consultation.

Mr. J Therapy – Registered Massage Therapist/ ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Complementary Therapies/ Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists/ Professional Thai Massage Therapy for health.

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